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Critics Corner

. The best pizza and food around ....tastes great ... my boyfriend and i are there 2 days a week! the personalities..wonderful they make you feel like your part of the family.

. Delicious food, great prices,fast delivery & friendly service. Can you say more? There was one slight mix up with our delivery once and they MORE than made up for it. Honesty and customer service like that is rare to find and much appreciated.

. This place by far is Fairview's & Cliffside's best pizzeria. Not your typical brick oven pizza (which I prefer), but the pizza here is quite delicious. They offer much more than just the variety of pizza selections, all very delicious. Bring your Appetite.

. I've never tried their pizza...but...Why would I?...When they make the MOST delicious Chicken Cutlet Hero I have ever tasted...ever.

. The staff is nice, polite, friendly people and their delivery service is pretty quick and painless and their food is just too great for words.

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